A menagerie of dark objects, macabre antiques, vintage, oddities, art and unusual items from all over the world. Grim and beautiful, unique interior design.

This all started at an extremely young age. One of my first and documented memories at the age of around three or four is of watching the light of a flickering jack o lantern in a dark kitchen on Halloween night. The memory is burned in my brain and I suppose started me on this love of all things dark.

It always felt normal to me, very comforting. I gained a strong love of horror movies and monsters as I became a bit older. I was always plagued by nightmares. I started realizing history and looking at how things were made. I was sort of disgusted at how everything modern was made of cheap plastic and never lasted.

I started collecting everything old, and then started collecting only strange and macabre items that were very death oriented. My focus here is on always challenging the traditional sense of beauty in objects and art.  I have been buying, selling and collecting scarce and unusual items for over twenty two years. Please feel free to browse, ask any questions and most of all enjoy and find what strikes a chord in your eyes and in your heart.